3-Media Abrasion Measuring System



Field of application

The measuring system is used for the automatic measurement and analysis of specimen wheels from the 3-body wear test. The TMAM-1 can be used both as a stand-alone device as well as part of a system in conjunction with the TMA-1

Functional principle

It is particularly easy to use: the specimen wheel from the abrasion test is placed in the TMAM-1 and the evaluation is started by means of the PC supplied with the order. After the end of the analysis, the results are stored in the PC and are available for evaluation, export etc. 

The abrasion depth of all material specimens is shown in three-dimensional diagrams which can be spatially rotated; this allows specimens to be compared quickly and easily and a meaningful presentation to be made.

The software included in the price produces universally analysable Excel-compatible txt. files which contain all the surface coordinates of the specimen wheel. 

Specially developed measurement functions allow precise analyses of the twelve specimen chambers.

The integrated report function makes the results available in a quick and straightforward manner for the production of further documentation.   

Key Details

  • Software with comprehensive analysis functions and with PC included in the price (pre-installed system)
  • 3D representation of the specimen surfaces for easy visual comparison of the results

Technical Information

  • Automatic determining of the level of abrasion in all twelve specimen chambers
  • Resolution: 3,600 measurement points per specimen chamber (90 measurement points per line and 40 lines per specimen chamber)
  • Accuracy: +/-0.002 mm in the Z axis (height of the specimen)
  • Analysis period per specimen wheel: 3.5 hours
  • Data format: .txt file, MS Excel compatible
  • Functional range of the software: analysis of 43,200 measurement points per specimen wheel, analysis of the abrasion depths, 3D representation of surfaces, 2D section along the line of measurement, ability to compare the 12 specimen chambers, export facility





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