3D Profilometer



SD Mechatronik introduces with the new LAS-20 a precise, extremely compact and easy to use measurement instrument for dental materials research. The main focus in the course of the development was on the surface analysis as well as on the comprehensive data export.

The vertical sensor resolution is up to 0,8 µm. Thus, fine structures such as cracks and traces of movement can be resolved.


The analysis of the abrasion depth and volume based on endurance testing is an essential component in the evaluation of materials. Samples have previously had to be pre-treated for the optical measurement. The additional applied layer modifies the surface of the sample, so that it is no longer available in the original state. In addition, the pre-treatment or else the making of a replica constitute additional work. These steps can now be completely eliminated thanks to modern measurement sensors!


Simply insert the sample into the scanner, define the measurement field and start scanning!




Almost all samples that come in question for stress testing can be examined:

• Composite materials

• Natural teeth

• Antagonists made out of ceramic, metal or steatite

• Crowns

The insertion of the samples is carried out quickly and without problems, since a self-centering mount is capable of accommodating almost any geometry shape.


The user interface is intuitive to use and concomitantly allows

you to quickly set all relevant parameters. The measurement field is defined with the built-in camera. The adjustable LED lighting provides a high-contrast image of the sample. The camera image can moreover in addition to the scan data, also be stored as a BMP or JPG. The user is guided on a step by step basis through the program so that only little time is required for the initial training. All screen views can be stored as screen shots for documentation purposes. The software can be updated via Internet.



The scope of the software includes analysis functions for the quick assessment of the results:

• Minimum / maximum vertical hight in the measurement field

• X/Y/Z values of individual points over the cursor

• Different 3D representations such as colour spectrum and grey shading

• 3D full screen with zoom and arbitrary rotation

• Intelligent noise suppression, moving averages

• Data storage



We provide a very powerful software package for the detailed analysis: Geomagic Control of 3D Systems. This makes it possible to convert the data points of the scanner in to a surface that is required

for the further analysis. The abrasion volumes can as such for example be determined on flat or

curved surfaces.

Key features of the Geomagic Control are:

• Import and export in the most varied CAD formats (among others STL, STEP, IGES)

• Analysis of beforehand/after comparison scans with matching, 3D-comparison

• Report functions with the generation of 3D-PDFs

• Comfortable import of the scan data through a built-in script with automated noise

suppression, smoothing and imperfection repair

• Cross sections at any arbitrary point of the solid model






Our Service: Send us one of your samples to receive a free

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