THE-1100 and THE-1200

Field of application

The THE-1100 and THE-1200 simulates artificial aging by means of cyclical temperature changes. All relevant parameters such as exposure time, temperatures and cycle count can be easily adjusted on the device.

Functional principle

An open specimen basket is alternately immersed in a bath of warm liquid followed by a bath of cold liquid. A very high rate of temperature change is achieved with this thermal-cycle design, and this gives a particularly realistic simulation of the temperature changes in the oral cavity.

Key Details

  • Durable due to its stable construction and the use of high-quality components
  • The device is entirely made from stainless steel. Therefore there are no problems with corrosion.
  • Setting up and initial operation easy for any user.
  • High-quality water baths, refrigeration units with non-ozone-depleting cooling mediums are used
  • Design gives realistic simulation by means of high rate of temperature change

Technical Information

  • Warm bath temperature: 25°C to 100°C
  • Cold bath temperature: -5°C to 35° C
  • Exposure time of the specimen basket adjustable per bath from 0 to 999 seconds
  • Cycle preset: 1 - 300.000
  • Baths automatically filled by an integrated top-up pump so as    to compensate for evaporation losses 
  • Automatic start-up function: after a power cut the trial is automatically continued (useful for long trials which are not permanently supervised)
  • Cooling unit available with either 300W or 500W cooling capacity
  • Thermal performance: temperatures between 5 and 55°C; cycle period 60 seconds; permitted specimen mass approx. 250-300 g. Maximum mechanical specimen weight is 1000g.
  • Models: THE-1100 with 300W cooling unit and 10x10cm specimen basket, THE-1200 with 500W cooling unit and additional 14x14cm specimen basket







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