Novelty presentation at the IDS - International Dental Show 2019


Force or stroke-controlled loading of the most diverse samples in 3 axes


The UTD-2 opens up completely new possibilities for the user when testing components of dental medicine. Specially designed to meet the needs of users in the field of bruxism splints, it allows:


- Cyclic load operations with adjustable force or stroke limit


- Execution of complex motion cycles


- Concomitant, multiaxial loading e.g. as a result, forces can be introduced into the sample from different angles


- Measurement of the relaxation behaviour over long periods


This makes the UTD-2 particularly suitable for the cyclic loading of plastic samples with max. 500N load in each axle.

Extra large specimen station


Key Details


The device can execute up to 6 different movements in sequence. The axis (X / Y / Z) as well as speed, path and max. force, is thereby adjustable in the case of each movement. This allows motion sequences to be generated which are also necessary for the evaluation of tablets or chewable coated tablets.

The concomitant movement of 2 axes allows a load at a specific angle to the sample


For the determination of the relaxation behaviour, the device can exert a predetermined force on the sample and record the course thereof over a period of several days. With optional heating of the sample chamber while the temperature can be kept constant at 37 ° C.


Technical information

- Operation with 110V ~ to 230V ~ 50 / 60Hz, max. 160W

- Force range of each axis /- 500N, resolution 0.2N

- Max traverse path: Z 120mm X 45mm, 37mm Y

- Editor for easy generation of motion profiles

- Data storage of each motion cycle with force and position values

- Specimen holders and antagonists are compatible with the chewing simulator system

- Control via integrated PC with connection options for keyboard, mouse and monitor; USB connection for updates and remote maintenance