Testing services for Research and Development


SD Mechatronik is a partner and service provider for business, government and science. We test and advise on topics relating to materials properties and endurance of products.

Our lab equipment:


  • Chewing simulators with Thermocycling, force and wear measurement, break detection
  • Cyclic, force controlled loading of specimen with multiple axes up to 500N
  • Dynamic fatigue testing on ceramics/zirconia with up to 1kN@15Hz (3/4-point bending, biaxial bending)
  • Microtensile test and retention forces up to 1kN
  • Tribo-abrasion by ACTA method
  • Toothbrush simulation ISO/TR 14569-1
  • Contactless, optical abrasion analysis, 3D compare
  • Dynamic implant testing according ISO 14801
  • Documentation and surface analysis (roughness, geometrical deviation etc.) with Keyence VHX-6000 digital microscope
  • Precise geometrical measurement with Keyence optical comparator
  • SkyScan µCT for pore/shrink holes analysis, localization of internal defects, 3D-compare, generating STL-Data...
Steatite Sphere in µ-CT
Impurities in the sphere shown by µ-CT
3D force controlled loading of plastic components

We offer for business and research a unique range of measurement and process techniques for the evaluation of materials, prototypes and products.

Key benefits:


  • No investment or personnal costs
  • High availability of the devices, quick response time 
  • We prepare a fixed price quote for your testing requirements
  • Our staff has excellent professional competence
  • Consumables like sample holdings, embedding material etc. is free for most tests


For further information please contact:

Mr. Niclas Albrecht




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